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The Letting Go Guide: A Journal For Self Reflection, Healing and Releasing

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Are you ready to let go of thoughts, habits and patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you?

We all have our own negative habits that are not serving us, but we hold on to them because they provide some sort of comfort.

They protect us from uncertainty, from taking risks, from learning new things, from accepting criticism or change.

In The Letting Go Guide, you'll be challenged to release unhealthy practices and mindsets you may be holding on to.

You'll be guided through a journey of self-discovery, and with a little commitment, you can learn to achieve emotional freedom from the past and more.

What's Included:

- 58 Pages
- 80 Unique Journal Prompts

We'll explore how to let go of...

- The Past
- Anger
- Toxic Relationships
- Mistakes
- Regrets
- Self Hatred
- Offense
- Control 
- Expectations
- Not Being Yourself
- Bad Habits
- Clutter
- Unhealthy Situations
- Worry
- Your Comfort Zone
- Procrastination
- What Others Think
- The Need To Be Ready
- Judgement
- Lying

⭐️ Please note this journal includes 30 days of email coaching with me after purchase date.

The worst thing is when you buy something and then you never use it.

I've had that happen more than I'd like to admit and I'm more than happy to offer this level of accountability and support for you!

So what exactly does this mean?

For 30 days after you purchase and as you go through your journal, you can email me with any questions, aha moments, or whatever that come up for you and I'll provide feedback, support and guidance.

*This is optional, so you don't have to utilize it. But it's there if you want or need it!

The journal is both printable and fillable and you can use it in a variety of ways:

- Print it and fill it out by hand.

- Save it to your computer or mobile device and type directly onto the pages.

- Use the journal prompts as a guide and write in your own journal if you already have one that  you're using.

*Please note that this is a digital download, no physical product will be shipped to you.

You will receive immediate access to your product after purchase.

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be granted.

However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, please reach out to

The journal is for personal use only, you may not redistribute or share it or any part of it in any form, without prior written consent.

You will get a PDF (382KB) file

Customer Reviews

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Deborah S.

1 month ago

Helping Me Heal

Thank you so much for this journal. I have been able to get to the core of some of my inner issues that I wouldn’t have been able to access if I didn’t have this to guide me. Great job!


Verified Buyer

1 month ago

Such a valuable tool!

The letting go journal is filled with prompts to help you dive deeper in reflection, so you can truly count the cost of the past and move forward to the future. I am looking forward to utilising the fullness of this journal, as I am slowly working my way through it, it starts with honesty…


Verified Buyer

1 month ago


One of the reasons why I follow Ally is because she always asks the right questions that allows not only reflection, but growth too in redirecting your perception of what you reflected if they tend to be towards the "negative" side. This is where the "healing and releasing" part of the journal comes in. We're always told to journal our feelings, but all too often I end up ranting or venting... and then I leave it at that. It's still cathartic because I released it. Most times I reflect on what I've written, but the thing I was missing? The healing part. This journal is helping me get there little by little.

Erika P.

Verified Buyer

1 month ago

Crucial part of overcoming heartbreak

I love how this Letting Go Journal has given me so much insight my old wounds and past pain. It's helping me to accept what I can change and also the circumstances in life that I cannot. It also is helpful in processing the fears I've always had including rejection and abandonment without shame. It is a beautiful part of my inner work journey...I highly recommend this to use as a tool for some self-love!

Tiffany O.

Verified Buyer

1 month ago

Thoughtful and Compassionate

This journal was so timely for me as I’m in a season of my life where “letting go” seems to be the theme. This journal helped me sort through my feelings and process my emotions. Thank you so much Ally!


Verified Buyer

2 months ago

Just what I needed...

This journal is just what I needed. The prompts are very helpful and thought provoking. Looking forward to completing this journal and letting go!!

Julie F.

Verified Buyer

2 months ago

Thank you!

Thorough and just what I needed! Thank you!

Dianne B.

Verified Buyer

2 months ago

Really making me think!

Honestly, I didn’t realize all of the areas that I might be holding onto things, and this journal is definitely helping me dive deeper! Having the email coaching has been helpful just to get feedback from Ally as some surprising things have come up along the way.

Angela C.

Verified Buyer

2 months ago

Just what I needed…

This came through during a time in my life when I was getting ready to make a lot of transitions. I’m only about 1/2 way through it, but it has been my go to every day since I bought it and it’s been so helpful in this particular season of life.

Madeline W.

Verified Buyer

2 months ago

Say goodbye to negativity

Perfect journal for a busy woman, who wants to let the heavy weight of negativity go.

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